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golf hall of fame 1Pete Dye, famed golf course architect and the designer of the Caesarea Golf Club, has received the honor of being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame . Dye is only the fourth golf architect to ever receive this honor.


Pete Dye and his design associate, Tim Liddy, have shown a strong commitment to the development of the new Caesarea golf course. Dye stated that "Whereas I am normally designing for a client, as Caesarea is the only 18-hole golf course in Israel, this time I'm designing for a country!"

In addition to the 18-hole course, Dye and his team have been involved in the creation of a 9-hole short course and an expansive practice range. These added elements will give newcomers the facility the opportunity to learn golf and improve their game.

Representing a golf course design prowess that includes more than 100 courses around the world, Dye's World Golf Hall of Fame inductee exhibit showcases his 1995 Donald Ross award, 2003 Old Tom Morris award, and 2004 PGA Distinguished Service award, as well as his Past President's Jacket and gavel from the American Society of Golf Course Architects.