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Handicap List

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Dear Members,

In accordance with a meeting of the Club’s Handicap Committee, here are the rules that every member must follow to make sure that the Club can give you the most accurate handicap. 

Scorecards considered for calculating a handicap will be from competitions and one EDS card per month per player. 


A. Weekly Stableford - every Tuesday and Friday

B. KCM - every Shabbat

C. Club League - a cycle every two weeks starting from 26 March 2017

D. Any other personal competition held at the club


Each player may submit one EDS card per month provided that (s)he registers at the Proshop before beginning the game.  If the player does not return the scorecard (s)he will be given 37 STABLEFORD points 

In order to maintain an up-to-date handicap that allows you to play in the Club competitions, you must participate in at least five competitions as mentioned above in the year, and also submit at least one result in the three months preceding the competition. 

ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE:  Of extreme importance 

Please fill in the following details in clear and legible handwriting on each scorecard:

A. First and last name

B. Mark from which tee the game was played

C. The player’s handicap as it appears in the latest handicap list in the Proshop

D. Date

E. Type of competition / EDS

F. Signatures of the player and the player who marked the card

The Handicap Committee will conduct a quarterly review of all the handicaps.  In addition, each member may contact the Committee personally at any time. 

We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation. 


Committee members:

Moshe Zharkover – Committee Chairman 

Gil Peres – Handicap Director

Boaz Segev – Head Golf Professional

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