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The professional staff of the Caesarea Golf Club has a great deal of experience and knowledge.  No less important, they bring with them a wide variety of approaches that will suit all the needs and wishes of those who come to learn seriously and /or experience the special game called Golf. 

The staff is committed to the enjoyment of students at all times! 

The members of the professional staff include: 


Boaz Segev - Head Golf Professional 

A former premier league basketball player, he studied golf in the United States and returned to Israel in 2006.  From that time he has served as an instructor at the Club.  He became Head of Instruction and Head Professional in 2014.  Boaz has accumulated extensive experience during thousands of teaching and training hours.  He is considered to be capable of instructing golfers at all levels, and infects with the “golf bug” anyone who has been exposed to this special game.  In addition, Boaz has extensive knowledge of the rules of golf and proven experience in managing a variety of local and international competitions. 

Boaz is a member of the PGA of Israel, and has been Director of the Golf Academy and Golf School since 2007. 


Penny Halfon - Golf Instructor

Penny is the longest serving golf instructor in Israel.  A student of the Club’s first Head Professional, Charlie Mandelstam, she has unparalleled knowledge and experience in teaching golf and instilling values ​​and etiquette.  Penny is considered an excellent instructor in terms of imparting the fundamentals of the swing and the game. 

Penny also has broad experience in providing simple and enjoyable playing lessons on the course that will advance anyone in the understanding and ways of golf. 

Penny is a member of the PGA of Israel and an instructor at the Club’s Golf School.


Ron Solomon - Golf Instructor 

Ron immigrated to Israel in 2006 from Canada, where he worked as a sports teacher and golf instructor in the Canadian education system.  Ron has been an instructor in all the various frameworks of golf at the Club since his arrival in Israel, and is also considered one of the best players in Israel in the Masters category. 

In the context of his job, Ron instructs players of all levels and ages, including participants in the Golf School and Golf Academy. 

Ron is a member of the PGA of Israel, and is a graduate of the Initial Professional Education (“IPE”) program of the PGA of Europe. 


Tamar Partouche - Golf Instructor 

Tamar was born in France, and has been playing golf since immigrating to Israel in 1983.  She graduated from the Golf School under the direction of the Club’s first Head Professional, Charlie Mandelstam, and went on to win the Club and Israeli championships, as well as a gold medal in the Maccabiah.  Tamar has been teaching golf for 17 years to students representing a wide range of abilities and ages.  She also instructs the IDF disabled veterans and children of the Golf School and Golf Academy. 

As Tamar says, “Golf is my life’s work.  I love playing, teaching and being part of the development of the golf industry in Israel.” 

Tamar is a member of the PGA of Israel, and is a graduate of the Initial Professional Education (“IPE”) program of the PGA of Europe. 


David Spielberg Golf Instructor 

David has studied golf in the United States, and is an outstanding player with broad experience gained from playing on hundreds of golf courses around the world.  He has a unique approach and the ability to make a personal connection with a wide range of people of all ages who come to learn golf.  David is a graduate of the “Hogan Doctrine,” and will always find ways to meet the needs and desires of each student while having fun and engendering love of the game.